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As stated in our mission, OpenSats is a 501(c)(3) public charity that aims to support and maintain a sustainable ecosystem of funding for free and open-source projects and contributors.

As opposed to most other charities, OpenSats does not take a cut from funds raised for open-source projects. This means that all donations to the general fund and specific, mission-aligned FOSS projects are 100% passed through to OpenSats grant recipients. We try our best to find donor-matching partners that cover the transaction fees that are incurred with each donation, regardless of payment method. Please reach out if you want to help us cover these costs.

We are committed to being 100% passthrough for all donations made on our platform. To this day, our operational, legal, and payment processing fees have been graciously and privately funded by our generous donors.

Please consider donating to our Operations Budget, which helps cover our basic operational expenses (which we try to keep to a minimum) so we can ensure that all donations intended for Bitcoin and FOSS projects remain 100% passthrough.

More Ways to Help

There are many ways that you can help OpenSats achieve its mission.

You can:

Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support!


We got an incredible amount of support over the years, both from individuals and companies alike. We love Bitcoin and open-source, and it warms our hearts that some members of these communities love us right back.

Greg Foss
Jeremy Rubin
John Pfeffer
Andrew W. Blair
BTCPay Server
Swan Bitcoin
The Bitcoin Company

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